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It entails plugging a small hub into an Internet router and then strategically placing one or more SAF T Cams in or around surrounding areas. The indoor models are about the size of a salt shaker, while the outdoor cameras are closer in size to a coffee mug. Since one camera probably isn’t enough for most neighborhoods, the system was designed to support up to two dozen more SAF T Cams. The camera network operates on the unlicensed 900MHz frequency band to deliver longer range low frequency signals can travel farther and pass through physical objects more easily. What’s even more interesting are the potential side applications here. Michael Wolf, author of the aforementioned NextMarket Insights piece, previously wrote an article for Forbes that brings up some intriguing use case scenarios for a smarter Neighborhood Watch. And with their optional video surveillance features, you can even see what's going on as well.

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Some of the cheapest systems start at just $14.


If the system is already installed, many of the typical disadvantages are not applicable to you.


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